Credit Repair GPS Bootcamp


You Ready?

Get On the Road!

Many don’t know where to start. Some may begin the journey, but somehow lose their way in the process. My goal is to prepare you for the journey, walk you through the steps it takes to continue on the journey, and give you tips on how to survive while traveling.

Buckle Up!

  • 1

    Starting Line

    • Credit Inspection

    • Credit Inspection Guide

  • 2

    Pit Stop 1: Breaking Down Your Credit Reports

    • Credit Reports

  • 3

    Pit Stop 2: Understanding Your Credit Scores

    • Understanding Credit Scores

  • 4

    Pit Stop 3: Utilizing Credit Cards to Boost Scores

    • Utilizing Credit Cards

  • 5

    Pit Stop 4: Credit Laws

    • FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

    • FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

    • Disputing Online

  • 6

    Pit Stop 5: Handling Collections

    • Collections

  • 7

    Pit Stop 6: Dealing with Charge Offs

    • Charge Offs

  • 8

    Pit Stop 7: Credit Myths & Misconceptions

    • Credit Myths & Misconceptions

  • 9

    Credit Repair Letters

    • Credit Repair Letters

  • 10


    • 2022 FCC Budget Planner

  • 11

    Tourist Attractions: Financial Expert Webinars

    • Investing & Retirement

    • Life Insurance

    • Taxes

    • Auto Lending

  • 12

    Construction Ahead

    • Credit Score Rebucketing

    • 1 Collection = 120 Point Drop!

    • Deferred Interest

    • Refinancing an Auto Loan

  • 13

    Don't Stop Traveling

    • Credit Repair GPS Academy

    • Kids & Teens Financial Planners and Activity Books


Bonus Materials While On the Road

  • Budgeting

    Learn to track your income and expenses. A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went.

  • Credit

    Video lessons on a variety of credit topics and issues.

  • Books & Planners

    Books, workbooks, and planners that the will continue to guide and direct you while on your journey.


In order to know which direction to go.... you have to know exactly where you're starting! buckle up! check your mirrors! hands on the wheel!